Howard and Mary McCoy

Guest Artist @ Kent County Arts Council Building, 101 Spring Ave, Chestertown, MD 21620 / 410-778-1149

Our art is about how we see nature and how we understand our place within it. We draw inspiration from our immediate environment and from folklore and archetypal motifs that reflect how people have traditionally approached their relationship with the earth. Working in a kind of collaboration with nature, we allow each artwork to arise from curiosity about a certain natural phenomenon, perhaps a lost feather, bleached bone, gesture of a sprouting plant, pattern in the river’s waves, or slowly decaying tree. Making gentle alterations that focus the eye and the mind, we work to honor its patterns and processes and its role in the larger environment. We work in various mediums, including painting, drawing and photography, but focus primarily on natural materials such as branches, vines, oyster shells, stones, bones, and feathers. Most of our works are large, site-specific outdoor sculptures, however our studio work includes smaller sculptures, drawings, paintings, poems, and artist’s books usually incorporating natural materials.